Installation Videos

  • How to Add a Power Outlet Inside Your Cabinet Wall

    Watch this 7-step process demonstrating how to run power and add an outlet to the inside of your cabinet wall in order to power your Docking Drawer in drawer outlet. Our market leading in drawer outlets are simple to install with basic power tools, and plug directly into the wall.
  • How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Drawer Outlet From Docking Drawer

    Follow along as Docking Drawer Founder, Scott Dickey, walks you through the installation process of a Docking Drawer Blade Series, in-drawer outlet. Complete with time estimates, a list of necessary tools and more, this tutorial will show you exactly how to install your Docking Drawer outlet in a...
  • How to Install a Docking Drawer Outlet into a Kitchen Cabinet Drawer

    Watch President Scott Dickey as he takes you step by step through the installation of a Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet into a kitchen cabinet drawer that has an existing power source behind the cabinet wall. If you need to run a power outlet behind your cabinet to plug in your Docking Drawer ...
  • How to Level & Center Cable Management Arms

    A couple tips to help ensure your Docking Drawer's cable management arms are perfectly lined up for optimal performance, so they don't hit the drawer box or the cabinet wall when you open and close the drawer.