Vertical Organizer Installation - Pro-Tip

How to Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet and a Rev-A-Shelf Vertical Pull-Out into Cabinet in 5 Simple Steps

Vertical cabinet organizers - such as the Rev-A-Shelf Grooming Station, Hardware Resources No Wiggle Cabinet Pullout, and other custom solutions - are popular solutions for storing and organizing bathroom essentials like hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons. But wouldn’t it be even more convenient to power these accessories straight from the drawer as well? By installing a Style Drawer Blade in-drawer electric powering outlet to your vertical cabinet organizer you can do just that.

Installation is easier than ever! Simply follow these five steps and kiss your tangled cord clutter and lack of bathroom outlets goodbye.

Time Required - 30 min
Tools needed - Router, Drill, Measuring Tape, Square, Pencil, Style Drawer Blade, Cutout Template

Step 1 - Create Router Template

While there are many different ways to cut out the back of the Rev-A-Shelf vertical groom station, we are going to use a hand router to route out the back of the Rev-A-Shelf unit to accept the Style Drawer Blade receptacle box.

Start by printing the Style Drawer Blade cut out template to create a router template.

When printing, make sure your printer is set to 100% scale. We used the table saw to create a very accurate template with nice crisp corners.

Step 2 - Mark Location for Receptacle Box Cut Out

Again, using the Style Drawer Blade cut out template, mark the proper location for the receptacle box cut out. In this project, the Style Drawer Blade will be centered near the top. Remove the template and verify your measurements.

Step 3 - Making the Cut Out

Clamp the router template in the correct location.

Drill a starter hole about a ¼” from the edge for the router bit.

Route out the area for the receptacle box.

File the rounded corners square.

Confirm the receptacle box fits.

Step 4 - Install the Style Drawer Blade

Secure the receptacle box with the 4 wood screws provided.

Install the cover plate screws.

Install the grooming station on the slides provided by Rev-A-Shelf.

Locate the rear mounting bracket. With the drawer mostly closed, mark the position of the rear mounting bracket. It is important to make sure the drawer moves freely in and out and that the arms are square and even. Spend sufficient time at this step before fastening the bracket to the rear wall to make sure everything is square and the arms are in the correct position.

Once that is done, secure with the screws provided.

DONE! Your Docking Drawer powering outlet is now installed. Complete your vertical organizer setup by installing any shelves, bins, etc. you may have. Enjoy!

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