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At Docking Drawer, we are always looking to partner with creative professionals! Join us in inspiring others to create a clean and clutter-free lifestyle while sharing your love for Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets with your audience.

While we’re open to potential partnerships with anyone who has a passion for sharing our smart, simple & safe solutions while authentically repping the Docking Drawer Brand, our influencer partnerships are most often with individuals or businesses in these categories: 

  1. Savvy Architects and Designers
  2. Skilled Trade Professionals
  3. Cabinet Manufacturers
  4. Organizational Experts
  5. Home, Family, Design, DIY & Architectural Blogs or Enthusiasts

Docking Drawer Influencers, Partnership Perks

We offer a range of perks depending on the partnership agreement. Some of these perks might include:

  • Free or discounted products when taking part in social media, blog and newsletter campaigns.
  • Increase reach & exposure for your brand.
  • Exclusive access to new products and partner products.
  • Features on Docking Drawer social media, blog and newsletters.
  • Opportunity to participate in a Docking Drawer Instagram sweepstakes.
  • Opportunity to have a dedicated feature or section on Docking Drawer’s blog.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

If you’re interested in partnering with Docking Drawer, let’s talk! We’ll work together to come up with a custom, mutually beneficial agreement. Our most common partnerships fall into one of two categories: One Time (or Single Campaign) and Ongoing Partnerships.

One Time (Single Campaign) Partnerships: Feature Docking Drawer products on your social media channels, blog or newsletters in exchange for free product, reciprocal features with Docking Drawer and/or a financial agreement. This might be a good option for bloggers & influencers.

Ongoing Partnerships: Develop a long-term partnership agreement with Docking Drawer. This typically involves both Docking Drawer and our partner showcasing each other’s product or work on an ongoing basis and might be a good option for cabinet manufacturers & interior designers.

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